Whole-life costing service

At WMS, we see whole-life costing and quality as the two most important factors in delivering value for money to our clients.

Whole-life costing covers consultancy, design, equipment and construction as well as the expense of maintaining a structure through its life-time and even through its final disposal. Traditional procurement succeeds only in driving down the capital costs of construction and can overlook potential operational expenditure. For example, using stainless steel costs more initially, but only needs to be replaced every 25 years. A less expensive material will need to be replaced after five years. The opportunities within the building services design and delivery can be significant, even with the added complexity of availability and reliability. Money invested in good design and appropriate quality materials can be returned many times over in construction and maintenance. By helping our clients balance capital costs, reliability and the impact of replacement, we can reduce loss of services through failure or outage. We offer our clients consultancy services and the development of scenarios that illustrate potential options and their impact on whole-life cost when planning and executing large projects. The result is well-managed and well-built projects that represent solid investments for our clients.

Whole-life costing ensures WMS clients receive value for money. From PFI projects to hospitals, and large property developments, we’re committed to achieving responsible, long-term cost savings. What’s more, we make environmental concerns part of the equation and meet or exceed all Part L building regulations for energy efficiency.

Whole-life costing benefits for large-scale building projects:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Significant long-term savings

To find out more about the Whole-life costing service contact WMS for details.