Design management and integration

Engineering Services remain perhaps the greatest untapped opportunity to add value to each construction project and are the backbone of the world's most successful developments.

Every project is unique with specific objectives and constraints. With the right support at the design stage there are many possibilities to add value. WMS explore and develop options for selection of the best value solution. We then work to create spatial co-ordination at the scheme design stage. By managing interfaces and the minute details of the production stage, WMS help you to manage out the greatest source of risk.

We work in unison with architects, engineers and the supply chain to devise the optimum integrated design solution. Design integration is most successfully achieved by utilising 3-D technologies & clash detection software. WMS select the most appropriate systems for each project and create a ‘‘virtual’ building to allow low-cost testing within an electronic environment – at production stage any changes or clashes have potentially huge repercussions.

WMS pay particular attention to the interfaces between different systems and suppliers. The resolution of interfaces becomes owned, managed & agreed. Movement and tolerance integration is considered within the WMS design management process. Designs also take account of acceptable costs for ongoing maintenance not purely capital costs resulting in a rounded management view from the outset of the project.

For excellence designed in and risks designed out – contact WMS.