Peer review and lessons learnt workshops

Traditional construction and procurement models can make it difficult to promote an open, honest team environment. Our Peer Review service allows you to benefit from critical information about the project without any professional embarrassment, penalty repercussions or damaged reputations.

Our robust methodology results in information which can reduce risk, create cost savings and fast-track project timescales. Following a free 1-day scoping audit we recommend a specific approach to maximise the value you will derive from this service. Confidential one-to-one Peer Review interviews and facilitated Lessons Learnt Workshops allow you to:

  • Find out what people really think on the ground – not just what they feel able to tell you
  • Identify highlights and hotspots – draw out actionable information for project improvements
  • Understand the effectiveness of interfaces – between people, systems and procedures
  • Fine tune communication, reporting and control – to increase project successes
  • Gain an informed and balanced view – by providing insights and perspectives from all players

The Peer Review and Lessons Learnt Workshop can take place at any stage within the project. Use this service at the design stage to assess scheme design proposals and operational processes, use as part of the plan to rescue projects at risk or use for completed projects to provide an objective assessment of the project outcome and drive improvements in future projects.

To find out more about the free scoping audit contact WMS for details.