The benefits of this considered, comprehensive and compliant approach are significant:

  • There is minimal ambiguity, due to the in-built experienced commercial perspective and clarity of specification clauses.
  • There is complete transparency for comparison of bids as contractors respond based on a common understanding of requirements
  • Wastage, duplication and inefficiency is eradicated at the outset by design
  • Procurement takes account of ongoing maintenance costs for informed decision-making

Technical specifications

When your Technical Specifications are developed by WMS you avoid the many pitfalls associated with poor specifications. The procurement process is leveraged to deliver the maximum possible contribution towards successful project completion.

Supply requirements can be put out to tender without the design of technical specifications becoming a bottleneck. The technical specifications themselves are utilised to optimise the project design and ensure efficient delivery with cost challenges being effectively managed to eradicate over- or under-specification. Because the service draws upon extensive WMS knowledge and practical expertise intelligence is built into each specification. All technical specifications provided are up to date in terms of legislation and are provided in electronic and hard-copy format.

Development of Technical Specifications can now be faster, fuller and help future-proof your project.