Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Design for Manufacture and Assembly has the potential to deliver great benefits. DfMACIO from WMS takes DfMA to the next level with Commissioning, Integration and Operation. Based on the project objectives WMS develop the right DfMA strategy and create the right DfMA plan at the design phase.

WMS have experience of working with many manufacturers and undertake independent evaluations to recommend the appropriate supplier. We then implement the DfMA plan within the integrated project plan taking full advantage of off-site manufacturing opportunities.

The result is:

  • Product simplification and enhanced delivered value for the client
  • Supply chain cost management - lean from the start
  • Significant cost savings through simplified design, manufacture, assembly, integration and operation
  • The optimum use of offsite techniques delivering improved quality and productivity
  • Cohesion between design, manufacture, procurement, cost control and project management

Without intelligent DfMA solutions at the design phase, opportunities will be missed. For multi-layer, multi-faceted construction projects these opportunities are too valuable to ignore.

Contact WMS for advice on how to maximise project ROI through DfMA.