Health check

Whether your project is about to begin, is underway or at final handover stage, a Health check from WMS can help you to maximise the return on your investment.

We are called upon to conduct Health Reviews at any or all of these stages:

Health Review example



WMS draw upon their unique approach, specialist expertise and proven experience to ensure the Manufacture stage is robust and fit for the purpose:

  • Verify the basis of supplier information and highlight anomalies
  • Run checks on project documentation to ascertain what has been recorded, reviewed and approved
  • Assess whether the proposed product from each manufacturer is compliant with the specification, checking for over- or under specification to ensure the product is appropriate and investigate whether there is a better solution
  • Review the quality procedures of each manufacturer against stated policies and requirements
  • Assess whether factory acceptance plans are adequate including documentation at the end of the process
  • Identify available capacity and check whether works are on schedule.
  • Review delivery method protection to ensure clarity regarding the manufacturer’s decision process, any reuse and responsibility for clearing waste from the site.

WMS investigate the current situation, working alongside your Project teams. Our findings have been used to recover projects that have fallen behind schedule or improve company project management policies for future projects.