The WMS approach secures:

  • Aligned objectives
  • Informed decisions
  • Opportunities realised
  • Risks mitigated
  • Effective issue resolution
  • Exceptional performance

Project management & project controls

Up to 30% of a building’s construction cost can be wasted during its development and delivery according to independent research consultants BRE & BSRIA. Not with WMS. Our unique, innovative and collaborative approach ensures wastage is eradicated and shareholder value maximised.


WMS comprises inspirational project leaders. The depth of experience in innovative project management techniques is unrivalled in the UK. Through strong leadership, WMS have created a new standard for project delivery. Quality services are provided safely, within or below budget and on time. WMS professionals have a proven track record confirming their ability to bring out the best in people, drive teams forward and achieve exceptional results.

Smart procurement

Traditional supply chain models do not encourage co-operation between the very people who are so critical to delivering the project – the contractors and the client. No wonder then that WMS has created a very different approach which we call Smart Procurement.

The traditional approach with selection by the cheapest supplier causes problems because their bid may reflect mistakes, not their ability to deliver the contract. Supplier margins will be under pressure from the outset, so that the scope of works is defended to protect margin and scope gaps become a constant threat. When problems arise suppliers are reluctant to highlight them quickly due to threat of litigation from other suppliers – yet good project management practice dictates that issues can be more easily mitigated the earlier they are discovered.

WMS smart procurement transforms this situation and ensures collaboration. We identify the most able suppliers, protect margins from the outset and the whole project team becomes incentivised to eliminate duplication & waste. Nett costs are challenged through innovation, duplication is eradicated and scope gaps are identified & managed.

Planning for assured delivery

Some projects are just too big for any single aspect to be left to assumption or chance. Strategic planning is critical because of the level of investment and risk involved. WMS has a reputation for development of innovative, considered strategies for exceptional project performance and quality assurance standards. We gather knowledge, plan work and conduct gap analysis so that we can deliver right first time, on time and on budget.

From our talented team to our guiding principles, WMS strives not just to meet expectations but to exceed them. Our track record shows that we have contributed to the successful completion of unique, large scale projects, delivering more than required, ahead of time, for less.

We utilise a range of innovate tools and visualisation techniques within the planning process which results in the mapping of the steps required and management choices available. No excuses, no penalties just strategies for assured delivery and enhanced value.

Coherent project team culture

The best players are no guarantee of the best team. The Project Management Institute confirm that the early warning signs of project failure are often interpersonal not technical. That’s why WMS provide project management support to create the right project culture.

Projects by their nature are unique. They don’t happen in a vacuum. The people involved are from a diverse array of organisations with different expertise and values. They bring these different perspectives and project frameworks with them.

So WMS provide facilitated workshops to create the right project environment. A shared understanding of the project objectives and clarity on the exact role individuals must play can help overcome many problems during the project. The support is practical, focused around a live project and allows the team to identify and agree issues, risks, priorities and tasks.