Project management principles

WMS constantly seek new and smarter ways of working, but we don’t lose wisdom gained from past projects. And we ensure the right kind of collaboration & co-ordination, culture and control.

Innovation – fresh thinking

New challenges provide new opportunities. Rigid ways of working will not capitalise on these opportunities. WMS people use processes, systems and specialists to enhance what can be achieved. We believe there is always room to learn, to improve, to innovate.

Collaboration & co-ordination – contractors and suppliers

Traditional supply chain models, by their nature, do not encourage teamwork between the client, contractors and suppliers. Costs escalate. Litigation is rife. That’s why WMS take a unique, collaborative approach to co-ordination. The result is reliable, high quality, project delivery – and an improved financial return.

Culture – team creation

Experience counts. Led by proven senior engineers we work with the best individuals on each project. Yet even the best players are no guarantee of the best team. For assured integration of diverse organisation cultures, experience and values WMS use an innovative approach to winning the hearts and minds.

Project control – transparency

Project control is essential yet people are not predictable, issues and risks abound and requirements change. WMS has a different approach. We ensure that agreement and transparency replace conflict and ambiguity. Special processes are supported by intelligent software - Klick - a browser-based information system, designed and developed by WMS.