the right software for project success

Surprisingly many Project Managers today still rely on unstable spreadsheets to monitor and control their projects. The larger the organisation it seems the more interlinked spreadsheets exist and the greater the risk of this fragile set-up going wrong.

That’s why WMS Technology, part of the WMS Group, has developed NodalPro, the software solution for project managers working on major construction projects.

NodalPro is easy-to-use and designed to make it possible to manage the many interrelated programmes that make up a large project.

It can be deployed within hours and includes:

NodalSolve– Issues and Risk Management
NodalOutput– Deliverables Management
NodalSure– Compliance, Assurance and Asset Data Management

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Internet based

  • Software as a Service
    (SaaS) solution
  • Online access
  • Pay per user
  • No capital outlay

Easy to run

  • Centrally administered
  • Secure and robust
  • Fully auditable

Fast implementation

  • Deploy within hours
  • No installation
  • Minimal training
  • Intuitive approach